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Kanye West Wants To Be ?the Steve Jobs Of The Gap? | Webpronews

The rapper and reality star are now married with a child, and West says that being turned away from the world of fashion may have actually been for the best, because it forced him to start over in a way. [As] soon as we started dating, fashion people were really opposed to the idea of reality stars. And all the relationships, the somewhat friends that I had somewhat built up, completely turned their backs on her and me.the so-called traction that I was getting in the high-fashion world was completely thrown out the window and I was finally allowed to go to school, where every day I was in my mom (Kris Jenner)s house, in my little brothers (Rob Kardashian)s old room, re-tailoring a Celine skirt, re-tailoring a Saint Laurent jacket, re-tailoring a Zara top, re-tailoring Wolford And day by day by day, Kim and I learned, we got better. We looked at the photographs together and she improved my style, we improved each other, West told West also made the somewhat startling announcement that hed like to be the Steve Jobs of Gap, after the store announced an open position following the departure of creative director Rebekka Bay. Id like to be the Steve Jobs of Gap.

(AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews) 1 Herald Staff Kanye West refuses to read reviews of his fashion collection. The 37-year-old rapper premiered a new range - including his Yeezy Boost trainers for Adidas Originals - on Thursday as part of New York Fashion Week, but has refrained from checking what critics have to say because he sees their views as a "backhanded compliment". He said: "I don't read the reviews, because it's some kind of backhanded compliment or something focusing on not the main point. It was really difficult to do this. It would be difficult to make a proposition this simple for any designer.

Kanye West refuses to read fashion reviews | Boston Herald

A video posted by Stephanie Buck (@stephmbuck) on Feb 19, 2015 at 8:00am PST In fact, Kanye was the first to jump up and award a standing ovation to Mr. Ralph Lauren, who personally embraced Yeezy's hand. Stephanie Buck (@StephMBuck) February 19, 2015 And then Kanye and Ralph lived happily ever after in a fabulous fashion land far, far away. #blessed Kanye West showed his own line at NYFW last Thursday: a collaboration called Kanye West x adidas Originals , dubbed Yeezy Season One. The collection (and the star-studded front row) received good reviews overall.

Kanye West: I lost friends over Kim Kardashian

In a fashion-focused interview with, the rapper-designer explains that Kardashians notoriety as a reality TV star made fashion people wary of her, and, by association, West. [As]soon as we started dating, fashion people were really opposed to the idea of reality stars. And all the relationships, the somewhat friends that I had somewhat built up, completely turned their backs on her and me, says West. They already had their back to her, and now they turned it to me. He continues, The so-called traction that I was getting in the high-fashion world was completely thrown out the window and I was finally allowed to go to school, where every day I was in my mom [Kris Jenner]s house, in my little brothers old room, [Rob Kardashian]s old room, re-tailoring a Celine skirt, re-tailoring a Saint Laurent jacket, re-tailoring a Zara top, re-tailoring Wolford And day by day by day, [Kim and I] learned, we got better. We looked at the photographs together and she improved my style, we improved each other. He says of his now-wife, She was always my muse, now shes become other designers muses. Or designers muses, because like I said, I dont want to disrespect designers by calling myself a designer, I just think I have a vision of something that I want to do.

Kanye West Lost Friends When He Started Dating Kim Kardashian, Calls Kris Jenner "Mom" - Yahoo Celebrity

"She was always my muse, now shes become other designers muses," West, 37, reflected of the reality star, 34. "Soon as we started dating, fashion people were really opposed to the idea of reality stars. And all the relationships, the somewhat friends that I had somewhat built up, completely turned their backs on her and me. They already had their back to her, and now they turned it to me." PHOTOS: Kimye's sweetest PDA moments According to West, the not-so-warm reception to his first two collections was really a blessing in disguise, essentially allowing him to start over. "The so-called traction that I was getting in the high-fashion world was completely thrown out the window and I was finally allowed to go to school," West reflected. "Every day I was in my mom [Kris Jenner]s house, in my little brothers old room, Robs old room, re-tailoring a Celine skirt, re-tailoring a Saint Laurent jacket, re-tailoring a Zara top, re-tailoring Wolford And day by day by day, [Kim and I] learned, we got better.

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Amber Rose And Khloe Kardashian's Epic Twitter Battle -

Khloe Kardashian Deletes 'Don't Panic' Tweet As Twitter War With Amber Rose Continues

Khloe Kardashian

Hide Caption 7 of 22 Biggest celebrity feuds 22 photos Sharon Osbourne is also not a fan of U2's giveaway. The TV personality took the group and Bono to task in September 2014 for releasing a free album via iTunes. She called their music "mediocre" and the group "middle-age political groupies." Hide Caption 8 of 22 Biggest celebrity feuds 22 photos Snoop Dogg and Iggy Azalea also battled in a very public way. After Snoop made fun of Iggy's appearance on social media , the "Fancy" rapper responded with confusion, saying that she didn't understand why Snoop would be "supportive to my face but another way on your Instagram." Hide Caption 9 of 22 Biggest celebrity feuds 22 photos It seems Martha Stewart isn't the biggest fan of Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle brand, GOOP, but Paltrow isn't bothered. After Stewart commented in an interview that Paltrow "just needs to be quiet" and not try "to be Martha Stewart," Paltrow took it as a compliment.
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Khloe Kardashian Goes Off on Amber Rose in Twitter Rant - Yahoo Celebrity


The two simple words ignited Twitter, and for several reasons. The first is that Dont Panic is the name of French Montanas hit song. He and Kardashian, 30, have been dating on and off for months. Then, in a strange twist, Kardashian used #DontPanic in some of her own tweets, which have now been deleted.
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Kourtney Kardashian Shares New Photo of Baby Reign Disick -- See His Newborn Style! - Yahoo Celebrity

NEWS: Amber Rose Says How She Really Feels About Kim Kardashian "She's a baby, she needs to go to bed at 7 o'clock and relax," Rose said of Kylie. "That's ridiculous. [Tyga] should be ashamed of himself. For sure. He has a beautiful woman and a baby and left that for a 16-year-old who just turned 17." Khloe responded in a multi-part Twitter tirade, dissing Rose's stripper past and defending her family.
Full story:

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Ray Rice Statement Apologizes To Ravens Fans | Boston Herald

Rice, who is a free agent, says his statement is not a farewell. Meanwhile, Rice has a standing job offer, not from an NFL team, though. The three-time Pro Bowl runner has been offered a $1 million contract to be a spokesman for a fantasy football website, according to Mark Tadros, the CEO of Goodell scores NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell made $35 million in 2013, according to tax returns submitted by the league. The NFL released the amount Goodell earned in salary, bonus and pension compensation. Goodell made $35.1 million in 2012, with an additional $5 million in incentive pay and $4.1 million pension payment from the 2011 lockout year that was paid in 2012.

Ray Rice Apologizes to Baltimore Ravens Fans

Brad Penner, USA TODAY Sports Ray Rice apologizes to Ravens fans Rice's full statement to the Sun below : Dear Baltimore, This is not a farewell or goodbye. The last seven years that my family and I have spent in Baltimore have by far been the best of our lives. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all for the love and support you've shown my family and I throughout my football career. We'll always be grateful for the love we've received from all of our fans and supporters, and for winning a Super Bowl. To all the kids who looked up to me, I'm truly sorry for letting you down, but I hope it's helped you learn that one bad decision can turn your dream into a nightmare.

Ray Rice apologizes to Baltimore Ravens fans in a statement

He was arrested on Feb. 15, 2014 for a domestic violence incident at an Atlantic City, N.J. casino involving his then-fiancee Janay Palmer and suspended two games by the NFL after elevator footage showed the running back dragging her, unconscious, out of an elevator. In September, damning footage from inside the elevator was released: Rice delivered a knockout punch. He was cut by the team and suspended indefinitely by the league a punishment that was later overturned in the ensuing uproar.

Borg has a dominating outing on UFC Fight Night | Albuquerque Journal News

Im very grateful to Steve Bisciotti, Ozzie Newsome, John Harbaugh, and everyone at 1 Winning Drive. I love you all very much, and Ill always be proud to say I played for the Baltimore Ravens. Thank you. Ray Rice Rice, 27, appealed that suspension and was ultimately reinstated by the league. He has yet to sign with a team.

Ray Rice Apologizes To Baltimore, Reportedly Plans Move Back To NY CBS New York

Locking Kelades left wrist, he torqued the Nova Scotia fighters arm behind his back until he could no longer tolerate the pain. That was my first arm-lock submission ever, in my entire career, Borg said in the octagon after the fight. A rear naked choke comes naturally to me, but that looks pretty enough for 50 Gs. Show me the money! The UFC did just that, announcing that Borg would get the $50,000 bonus on top of his fight purse an amount thus far undisclosed. The impressive victory appears to have set up the 21-year-old fighter for fast advancement in the UFCs underpopulated 125-pound weight class. FINDING HER OWN LANE: Albuquerque bantamweight MMA fighter Holly Holm has signed a sponsorship contract with Japanese auto manufacturer Mitsubishi, Lenny Fresquez, Holms Albuquerque promoter, announced.

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Kourtney Kardashian Reads Mason Disick And Siblings Their Favorite Books | Webpronews

Kourtney really thinks that it is kind of messed up and selfish for her sisters to go fly across the country right now when their dad is dealing with the crash on top of his transition , explained the source. Instead of being there for him, they go promote themselvesshe was not having any part of it. PHOTOS: Kourtney & Scotts Worst Fight Ever! Neglected Disick Accuses Kardashian Of Emotional Abandonment Kim and Khloe Kardashian joined their younger sisters, Kendall and Kylie Jenner in the Big Apple this week to launch their newest addition to the empire, Kardashian Beauty Hairproducts , as well as to show their support for their brother-in-law Kanye West s Yeezy Season Show at New York Fashion Week. Besides wanting to show Bruce he can count on her, Kourtney does not need another reason to celebrate Kanye and Kim right now, the source snipes. Neither of them had any desire to go to Kanyes show , although Kourtney is extremely proud of Kylie for doing such a great job modeling in it. PHOTOS: Daddys Girl! Kanye West Dotes On North As He Carries Her Out Of A Party With Kim Kardashian The oldest Kardashian and watch Kim Kardashian Ray J video her baby daddy, Scott Disick , who are the parents to Mason, 5, Penelope, 2 and newborn son, Reign, are also reportedly focusing on dealing with serious relationship issues following The Lords most recent relapse.

Kim Kardashian Attempts To Calm North West During Fashion Week Tantrum | Reality TV Magazine

Mason Disick , who is five, now has two siblings. Penelope is two, and Reign is a month old. Kourtney makes a habit of reading bedtime stories to the children, which is a wonderful habit to start as young as possible. So what are their favorite books? The Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons star recently shared some of Mason Disicks (and his siblings) favorite books on Instagram. See if any are books youre familiar with.

Valentine's Day: See How Kim Kardashian, Hayden Panettiere, and More Stars Are Celebrating - Yahoo Celebrity

Kim Kardashian, Hayden Panettiere and more stars are celebrating Valentine's Day with their loved ones -- and kiddies! -- on Saturday, Feb. 14. PHOTOS: Hottest married couples Some of the highlights so far include Hugh Jackman sharing a throwback photo of him and his wife Deborra-Lee Furness, Miley Cyrus receiving dozens of balloons from BF Patrick Schwarzenegger, and Vampire Diaries hunk Paul Wesley getting a private ballet show thanks to love Phoebe Tonkin.

Kourtney Kardashian Avoids Sisters? New York City Trip | Radar Online

But Kardashian, 34, turned up on the red carpet at the 2015 Grammy Awards the next Sunday, in all of her short hair glory, confirming the crop's authenticity. So why, after all these years of having long, bountiful tresses, was it finally time to try something new? At the Kardashian Beauty Launch on Tuesday, Feb. 10, in New York City, Kardashian was happy to disclose the reason for the sudden change. View gallery Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian unveiled their rose gold packaging for the new Kardashian Beauty The new 'do premiered earlier than expected. "I was going to wait and cut if for fashion week in Paris, and then it was the Grammys, and I was just like 'You know what, why not a fun, new look for the Grammys?

Khloe Kardashian: Secretly Seeing Lamar Odom Again? | WebProNews

Khloe and Lamar parted ways after he became involved in drugs and supposedly cheated on her. The two havent been seen together for quite some time. TMZ reports that the last time Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom met up officially was in December, when they talked about finalizing their divorce. They also noted, however, that even that meeting turned into a romantic evening.

Kim Kardashian Says She's "So Happy" She Chopped Her Mane: Reveals North West's Reaction to Her Short Haircut - Yahoo Celebrity

North West may be one of the worlds most fashionable toddlers, but ultimately, she is still a normal kid prone to normal kid behavior. Thus, while attending one of her husbands big fashion shows, Kim Kardashian found herself dealing with a very unhappy little North. Rumors on Facebook indicate that Anna Wintour who was sitting alongside Kim and her grouchy daughter was very annoyed by the entire debacle. But others insists that the fashion maven was amused by the incident. No matter her feelings on the matter, she managed to put up a good front, maintaining an impressive poker facethroughoutthe entirety of Norths tantrum. Anna Wintour may not have enjoyed Norths meltdown, but Kris Jenner thought it was hilarious.

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Kim Kardashian: Kanye 'styled Me Tonight' - Yahoo News

"He had one in the laundry room, one in the drawer, one pretty much in the washer, so I was like, 'We need to take these out and put them up,'" Kim teased her hubby. "And, you know, he's a little shy about it, so they're kinda hidden when you walk in. I posted a photo of it the other day." Kim Kardashian West Tweeted a photo of Kanye Wests collection of 21 Grammys on February 2, 2015 (Twitter) Kanye said he's reaping the benefits of marrying Kim, who lives a glamorous lifestyle. PHOTOS: Kim & Kanye: Since The Beginning "She changed my life for the better," Kanye gushed. "I was staying in a little small house when I got my first publishing deal. I had Grammys all in the bathroom.

Kim Kardashian Stuns in Low-Cut GRAMMYs Gown, Says North West Already Has a 'Paparazzi Pose? - Yahoo Celebrity

Does DASH have a bath-wear line that needs a boost in sales? But, because nothing says happily married like matching outfits, her husband Kanye West also wore a velvet black bathrobe thing. This love is built to last. Image: Jordan Strauss/Associated Press Very Superficial (@badn3wzz) February 9, 2015 I am pretty sure that Kim Kardashian's dress was once worn by Mohammed Ali as he entered the ring in a championship fight.

Kim Kardashian Cuts Off Her Signature Locks ? See Her New Look! - Yahoo News

He picked the look. He called the designer. He did it all. I just tried it on. It fit, it looked great. I was so happy.

Kim Kardashian wore a fancy bathrobe to the Grammys

By Sadie Gennis 15 hours ago Done Kim Kardashian debuted a new look on Instagram Friday. The reality star cut off her long, signature locks for a watch Ray J Kim Kardashian sex tape stylish, shoulder-length bob. "I cut my hair short today," Kardashian wrote on Instagram.

QUICKQUOTE: Kim Kardashian - Yahoo News

Watch below: Terms F&%Tw[E`_;& B;`b+C xCLUIY2,x ;9r*]W%Q$Fw w[Nq0 4Gyj4 s?$SDPM#o|df. wt_>/>HrP4?T7$Y I?a},E~Dm3 Pt  IY iI6}?w $_"*cJ]>M/_$, o[ j/uU+}2~]XVT K:PO/fn`Tyl. xoJuSwzVzcqV13 ]C5N=2qkH0D3p`+ )[;?h\/&Y>0\ slvMS#BNP.jfmZDU#z,'/L%Lk9JY9\Tmgx^_oN6##=o~Jqh#^xjOej@IL|tEa)tK&>R;i9} M 3L!hQ n_ b<N;vw.O:g!INx9M6cxpa?At- K~l^ ,_yX0/ _ gF_ONa*F#OBq a gdGU~V[z4#ptr!@h0c TYqa_u55**Fd"~/7I^]R^]!}dm IBqtt XXy

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